We have a certain set of knowledge and experience working with IP telephony technologies. We are talking mainly about the organization of distributed and secure corporate communication systems, as well as the construction and maintenance of contact centers for organizations.

IP telephony solution 

(Set call centers  at FreePBX and Asterisk)

  • Directing calls 
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) 
  • Ring Group 
  • Call Queue 
  • Intercom / Paging 
  •  Spy functions 
  •  Automatic call recording 
  • (webRTC) technology management .

 IT Services

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IT consulting

  • Planning network infrastructure 
  • Server decisions
  •  Safety policies (network safety, corporate guidelines) Back up system decisions
  • Choosing technological and device systems
  • Choosing licenses for software/support
  • IT consulting for specific needs
  • Network infrastructure audit and optimization

IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Installing network infrastructure, cables and configuring it 
  • Installing Wi-Fi spots
  • configuring several level Wi-Fi network; 
  • Software management in servers
  • creation of virtual servers and their configurations Installing and configuring security cameras; 
  • Connection of offices with virtual network – VPN technology
  • Implementing internet access levels – varying speeds 
  • Relocation of offices

Online IT outsourcing

  • Installing and sharing connecting devices with users Creation of shared folders, management and modification of access 
  • Support in office programs – installing, updates, correcting any errors or problems Correcting any errors with e-mail, internal communicators 

  • Cleaning software from viruses, installing antivirus programs, updating them 
  • Management of internal phones Configuration and monitoring of services
  • Configuration and monitoring of access points and redirections